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mauro brando on Tutus
Excellent shot full of life!!!

Valerie on New York City Snow
Love this - best I`ve seen - can feel the chill.

AG on Backstage Ballerina
So much atmosphere in the tiny frame . .

AG on Tutus
What a lovely photograph this makes . . the hard crop adds rather than takes away !

a Noble photo on Toe Shoes & Tutus
Great shot! Love the angle.

bluechameleon on Tutus
Beautiful capture...your framing is great!

lisa v on Backstage Ballerina
I love this one.

Eleftheria on Tutus
Nice details!

GJC on Toe Shoes & Tutus
This is delightful. A very good composition with a nice rhythm throughout.

Pradeep on Tutus
Nice, very interesting composition and light :)

NarB on Tutus
It is the life, lovely shot.

Alphons on Tutus
Joly picture.

rem_la on When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely
superbe cette symetrie avec les feu rouges !

rem_la on Lines in Sand
superbes couleurs !

rem_la on Backstage Ballerina
il est sympa ce jeu d'ombre !

rem_la on Tutus
ca virevolte !

Elisa on Backstage Ballerina
Merry Christmas Darlene!!

Alphons on Backstage Ballerina
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Howard F. on Backstage Ballerina
Yeah, nice back lighting. So... who's seated on stage?

Alphons on Backstage Ballerina
Nice silhouette.

Alphons on Huckleberry

Howard F. on Huckleberry
Haha, I was watching Survivorman last night on the Discovery Channel, and the guy was feasting on a wild huckleberry ...

Howard F. on Lines in Sand
Beautiful sunset and reflection.

Paco Díaz on Huckleberry
I have never seen or tasted, but it looks stimulant in your photo. Thank for your comment.

lydia on Toe Shoes & Tutus
Original et tendre !

Howard F. on City Corner
HA, nobody walks on street, this has to be Los Angeles!

Howard F. on Toe Shoes & Tutus
Feels very busy seeing this many dancers. Great shot Darlene.

Kathryn on Great Place for a Picnic
indeed!!! where is it?

Charles on Toe Shoes & Tutus
Nice composition. Looks like they are ready to dance!

Alphons on Toe Shoes & Tutus
Very fine composition in delicate colours. Well captured.

JLT on Toe Shoes & Tutus
great composition!!

Alphons on Great Place for a Picnic
Fantastic place. Nice capture.

missani on Pumpkin Patch
Nice capture !

tyan on When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely
and it seems there is only 'one way'?Sigh,most people just carry on walking,hoping things will turn out for ...

JJ on When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely
wonderful point of view down the road, superb city street capture

DarkElf on When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely
fantastic city street composition! i love the two red light above as well - the complete the scene nicely!

NADINE DERUYCK on 2nd Avenue
Very well noticed !! one way !!! In the clothing industry they say : one size perhaps???

wow, quite a view, funny when you see the boats juxtaposed !!

Howard F. on When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely
That's a beautiful bridge in an urban setting. Feels cold there in Spokane...

Suzanne Cummings on 2nd Avenue
Nice shot.

Howard F. on Huckleberry Delight
I am not a big fan of chocolate, but those round ones look so delicious...

Howard F. on Romantic Alley
Aww~ when you're in love, you can be in love next to bunch of trash cans and crappy road surface :) Great shot ...

JoeB on Romantic Alley
I'm no fan of wedding photos, but this is an instant favourite.

Howard F. on Croissant
Looks delicious.

Veronelle on Croissant
bon apetit

Vink on Leaf Stands On Its Own
Nice contrast and excellent texture !

Phototherapy on Apple
Excellent idea! Adam and Eve :) I LOVE the black silhouette SwissCharles

Philip on Leaf Stands On Its Own
very nice contrast between the leave and the rocks well done!

Howard F. on Leaf Stands On Its Own
Great find, the red really stands out from the river rocks. This leaf has a nice curve to it too.

Howard F. on Spokane River
I can feel the wind and smell the fresh air from here! Nice perspective Darlene.

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